Menus and Cost

Salad Bars are now being offered in Winter, Hayward, and Exeland!

How Much Does a Meal Cost?  The price for someone 60+ is a suggested donation is $3 Breakfast/$4 Lunch/$5 Dinner – If you are under age 60 there is a charge of $5 Breakfast/$8.50 Lunch/$8.50 Dinner.  We do not get reimbursement from the government for patrons eating that are under age 60.

What Will the Salad Bar Cost?  If there is a regular meal, the salad bar is open and a patron wants both the regular meal and the salad bar, it is the regular suggested donation/charge for lunch/dinner as specific by age (see above).  This would include a small bowl/plate (for a side salad) or plate with say their burger to take (1) trip to the salad bar – NO EXCEPTIONS.

If someone comes in and JUST WANTS All-You-Can-Eat Salad Bar (Salad’s Only) and does not want the option of the regular meal and they are 60+ it would be $4 lunch/$5 dinner suggested donation.  If they are under 60 it would be $8.50 charge.  They could then take more than one trip to the salad bar, but they would need to take a new plate each time.