Salad Bars are now being offered in Winter, Hayward, and Exeland!

How Much Does a Meal Cost?  The price for someone age 60 and over is a suggested donation of $5 for lunch. If you are under age 60 there is a charge of $8.50 for lunch.  We do not get reimbursement from the government for patrons eating that are under age 60, hence the $8.50 charge to cover the full cost of the meal.

What Will the Salad Bar Cost?  If there is a regular meal, the salad bar is open and a patron wants both the regular meal and the salad bar, it is the regular suggested donation/charge for lunch/dinner as specific by age (see above).  This would include a small bowl/plate (for a side salad) or plate with say their burger to take (1) trip to the salad bar – NO EXCEPTIONS.

If someone comes in and JUST WANTS All-You-Can-Eat Salad Bar (Salad’s Only) and does not want the option of the regular meal and they are age 50 or over it is a$5 dinner suggested donation.  If they are under 60 it would be $8.50 charge.  They could then take more than one trip to the salad bar, but they would need to take a new plate each time.

What’s On the Menu?

Lunches are served Monday – Friday unless otherwise noted. We are currently only serving lunch at the Centers. The cost of a meal is a suggested donation of $5 for those aged 60 and over. For those under the age of 60, the price is $10.49 – the full cost of a meal, because we do not get any type of reimbursement for that age group. It is our intention that no person ever go hungry. If you are having difficulties coming up with the $5 donation, please contact your local site manager in complete confidentiality to discuss options which may be available to you.

Cook’s Choice days feature local favorites selected by each Site Manager.

In order to ensure there is enough food available and reduce waste, PLEASE call the site location and make a reservation no later than 9am on the day of the meal, although we would prefer a call at least a day in advance. Substitutions can be made with advance notice.