What’s On the Menu?

Lunches are served Monday – Friday unless otherwise noted. We are currently only serving lunch at the Centers. The cost of a meal is a suggested donation of $5 for those aged 60 and over. For those under the age of 60, the price is $8.50 – the full cost of a meal, because we do not get any type of reimbursement for that age group. It is our intention that no person ever go hungry. If you are having difficulties coming up with the $5 donation, please contact your local site manager in complete confidentiality to discuss options which may be available to you.

Cook’s Choice days feature local favorites selected by each Site Manager.

The Hayward, Exeland and Winter sites have a salad bar available on Tuesdays with a nice selection of homemade salads, vegetables and fresh fruit which vary seasonally. You have the choice of a one trip visit to the salad bar as your side dish accompaniment to the meal (included in the cost) or you can choose an all you can eat option (no entree included) for the cost of a meal.

In order to ensure there is enough food available and reduce waste, PLEASE call the site location and make a reservation no later than 9am on the day of the meal, although we would prefer a call at least a day in advance. Substitutions can be made with advance notice.

Click the links below to see the current offerings:

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