About Fitness with Jodi Olney

My name is Jodi Olney, Sawyer County Health Promotions Coordinator, and would like your feedback on different interests here at the Senior Resource Center and throughout the county.

I have been in the Fitness field for almost 20 years working with people of all ages. One of my specialties is working with older adults. I have been teaching fitness classes and have personally trained older adults for 15 years and it is very rewarding. Balance, daily activities, and strength are all important details in which everyone should work on. I have taught a chair based class using fun tools such as small balls, small dumb bells, and resistance bands, which helps older adults with balance, daily activities and strength. Participating in a class like the one just described twice a week allows you to become stronger and healthier. Also, I am currently teaching a Fit for Life dance class at the Senior Resource Center, which is also known as Zumba Gold (Zumba for older adults). If you want to have some fun dancing and enjoy moving to music this class is for you. Please let us know what your interests are so we are able to please you. Thank you and have a great day.

Registration for the Fit for Life Dance Class, Strength and Yoga classes can be done through Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College (WITC) Continuing Education Programs.

Class Offerings can be found in the Continuing Education / Life and Leisure Section under Physical Education. Be sure to select Hayward for location and the current term (ie. Fall 2018).